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    Instructions in the Way of Life: Renew Your Mind

    06.05.19 | by Larry Gates

    Wise disciple-maker’s know that the pathway to living in the ways of the Lord starts with a renewal of the mind.  Only by a transformation of the way we think can we truly know and understand the will of God and thus walk in His ways...

      Where are the workers?

      03.21.19 | by Larry Gates

      The Great Commission is a directive to disciples to become disciple- makers. The mature disciple is to make disciples who can make disciples.  Jesus is looking for workers. “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because...

        Building Strong Faith and Steadfast Hope

        02.12.19 | by Larry Gates

        Two of the fundamental building blocks disciple-makers should help develop in the life of a disciple are faith and hope.  Faith sees what is invisible but real.  Hope sees what is not yet but still real. Both faith and hope rest on...