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    The Practical Side of Discipleship (Part 3)

    08.14.17 | by Larry Gates

    Often times our mental picture of a skilled disciple-maker is that of an expert teacher.  Our vision is that of skilled classroom lecturer, the sage on the stage.  With this frame of reference, we often associate lecturing with teaching...

      The Practical Side of Discipleship (Part 2)

      08.01.17 | by Larry Gates

      Disciple-makers love and live out the Word of God on a daily basis. As they come alongside young believers they are always inviting them to engage in the Scriptures regularly and live life by the way of the inspired Word. Wise disciple-makers...

        The Practical Side of Discipleship (Part 1)

        07.24.17 | by Larry Gates

        Issue three of the Disciple-Maker’s Forum introduced the reader to the VIM principal. VIM stands for Vision, Intentionality, and Means. Forum issues four and five discussed the first two concepts, Vision and Intentionality. This issue will...

          Disciple Making Requires Intentionality

          06.07.17 | by Larry Gates

          Making disciples for Jesus is not a haphazard process. It requires purposeful thought and a plan of action fit for the person you are discipling. The process should model the principles revealed in Jesus’ approach to training the twelve. A...

            A Vision for Making Disciples

            04.10.17 | by Larry Gates

            In the last issue of the Disciple-Maker’s Forum you were introduced to the VIM principle. VIM, as you may recall, stands for Vision, Intentionality, and Means. In this issue of Disciple-Maker’s Forum the focus is on the first of the...