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    The Results of Discipleship

    07.12.18 | by Larry Gates

    Several years ago the Barna Research Group conduct a study to determine the impact of various strategies churches employed for producing genuine followers of Jesus.  One of the more interesting findings related to outcomes of discipleship...

      5 Essential Marks of a Disciple-Maker

      05.31.18 | by Larry Gates

      What does it take to become a disciple-maker?  What are the minimum essentials that must be present in a disciple’s life to qualify them as a disciple-maker?  People often mention that disciple-makers must have a heart for people...

        The Discipleship Environment

        04.03.18 | by Larry Gates

        Traditionally, most discipleship experiences were structured in a Greek format.  What we in the contemporary society would consider as a more classroom, teacher to student environment.  This setting is often referred to as an...

          Life-On-Life Discipleship

          03.07.18 | by Larry Gates

          Jesus intentionally ministered life-on-life with a selected few.  When Jesus invited His disciples to “be with him” (Mark 3:14), it meant joining the Lord in His life.  Together they went to social events and on walking...