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    The Gospel and the Disciple-Maker

    02.12.18 | by Larry Gates

    Is your disciple-making shaped by the Gospel?  Sage disciple-makers never lose sight of the fact that they and those they disciple must be shaped by the Gospel.  So, what does it mean to be “shaped by the Gospel”? ...

      The Discipleship Crisis

      01.16.18 | by Larry Gates

      A recent Barna report, The State of Discipleship, reveals the urgent need to address the current reality of discipleship in the lives of today’s Christians and the church in general.  The stark reality of the situation is highlighted...

        Living as an Apprentice to Jesus

        12.11.17 | by Larry Gates

        As a disciple-maker it is important to maintain the perspective of being a life-long disciple of Jesus.  This means you are His apprentice. He is the Master Disciple-Maker.  In the New Testament, being a disciple of Jesus meant being an...

          Principles of Selection: Who Do I Disciple?

          11.13.17 | by Larry Gates

          Principles of Selection: Who Do I Disciple? In our contemporary culture of today, inclusiveness is a major social theme in our society.  Given this fact, it may seem strange to be discussing the importance of selectivity when it comes to...

            The Practical Side of Discipleship (Part 5)

            10.16.17 | by Larry Gates

            The follower of Jesus ministers both as an alongsider and an insider.  Most of the articles of the Disciple-Maker’s Forum thus far have addressed the disciple-maker as an alongsider – one who comes along side another person and...