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    A Vision for Making Disciples

    04.10.17 | by Larry Gates

    In the last issue of the Disciple-Maker’s Forum you were introduced to the VIM principle. VIM, as you may recall, stands for Vision, Intentionality, and Means. In this issue of Disciple-Maker’s Forum the focus is on the first of the...

      The Ways of the Disciple-Maker: VIM Principle

      03.14.17 | by Larry Gates

      Ministering as a disciple-maker is a highly relational process but it is not a haphazard process. Like the Apostle Paul we must be intentional and understand the outcome we are seeking. Paul expressed it this way, “present everyone mature...

        The Nature of the Disciple-Maker’s Ministry

        02.12.17 | by Larry Gates

        When you hear the word “amateur” what first comes to your mind? Is your mental picture that of a person who does something without professional skill? Do words like neophyte, inexperienced or unskilled come to your mind? The original...

          A Dialog on Discipleship

          01.17.17 | by Larry Gates

          The Disciple-Maker’s Forum is a monthly brief designed for individuals engaged in disciple-making and for those seeking to embark on the journey. Each monthly brief will address one of the elements of biblically-based discipleship. The purpose of...