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Life-On-Life Discipleship

03.07.18 | by Larry Gates

    Jesus intentionally ministered life-on-life with a selected few.  When Jesus invited His disciples to “be with him” (Mark 3:14), it meant joining the Lord in His life.  Together they went to social events and on walking expeditions.  They enjoyed faith conversations, and shared in the joys and sorrows of ministry.  Jesus’ approach to intentional relational disciple-making resembled in many ways the simple graphic model below.

    An Overview of How a Disciple-Maker Structures Discipleship

    PD: The PD stands for the New Testament’s portrait of a disciple.  This becomes the target a disciple-maker aims for in making a disciple.

    R:  The R stands for relationships.  A relationship with God and a relationship with those whom you disciple provide the appropriate context for the disciple-making process.

    2D:  There is always an open Bible between a disciple-maker and the person he or she is discipling.  Around this open Bible, discovery and discussion take place.

    3A:  Discipleship includes application, accountability, and affirmation.  Disciple-makers are on an application journey.  Accountable relationships encourage follow through.  Affirmation encourages people to keep going.

    Consider how this simple graphic tool could impact your effectiveness as a disciple-maker.  Using it can enable you to be a more intentional relational disciple–maker as you help another individual grow in their faith.

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