Life Group Notes


Life Group Notes for James

We will be using a James Study from Right Now Media for our LIfe Group Notes as we walk through the book of James. Here is a step by step guide for using Right Now Media for these Life Group Studies.

STEP 1: Get sign up for a Right Now Media account if you have not already. You can do that for free from here:

Note, you will have to answer about 5 minutes worth of questions to set up your Right Now Media account.

STEP 2: Access the Right Now Media webpage from here: Note, you will have to click the login button in the upper right hand corner.

STEP 3: Search for “Francis Chan James.” We will use this series as we follow along with the sermons. Each week will involve a short video from Francis Chan and then a set of questions from the video and the passage after.

Note, we will post the list of questions to our Life Group Notes page each week.
If you have any issues, please contact
or .





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