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The women's ministry team of Fellowship has a great passion for connecting women most importantly to The Lord, and connecting them to one another. There is no cookie cutter recipe for a woman's walk with Christ and the trials she faces, and the women's leadership team wants all women to understand she has a place in her Father's kingdom along with her sisters. There are several different studies and events the women offer throughout the year and want you to become involved!  

Paul tells us in Titus 2 that women are to teach other women about loving her husband, her children, to be good and self-controlled. The women's team has developed a discipleship model that does just that! Learning from a woman who loves The Lord and is ahead in years transforms your walk with The Lord in amazing ways. You are never too old or too young to participate! 


WINTER Bible studies

Women’s Study // The Study of Leviticus | Monday’s

Join us as we walk through the book of Leviticus. We begin January 21 at 6:30pm. Childcare is available, cost $7. Signup HERE! Questions? Donna Gates, 816-813-4959.

Women’s Study // Psalm 23: The Shepherd with Me | February 6

Join us in Jennifer Rothschild’s Psalm 23: The Shepherd with me study as we explore the compassionate care of our Father and learning to trust the goodness of our Shepherd through every season. Study begins February 6 at 10am. Cost: $13 and childcare is available.  Signup HERE!


Fellowship Women Newsletter

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Adelphe Groups

Daughters. Sisters. Ambassadors. 

Our heart as women at Fellowship is to encounter Jesus alongside of other women and to make an impact in the world in which we live. One of best ways we can experience those things is through participation in an Adelphe discipleship group. 

Practically speaking, these groups will consist of a group of 3 to 4 women who gather together on a consistent basis (which can be determined by the groups availability) over the course of 6 months. Each group will go through material that will provide a foundation of solid biblical truth. And our hope is that together you will dive deeply into each others lives as well.

Want to get plugged in? Let us know below your information and availability to meet! 
Adelphe Groups

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