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Ted Burden

Directional Lead Pastor // Elder


About Ted

In 1953, I was born in Shawnee, OK and adopted by my Baptist-pastor dad and my school-teacher mom who were attending Oklahoma Baptist University.  Though I attended church throughout my childhood and adolescent years, the idea of a relational Jesus was foreign to me.  When I was fourteen, my father accepted a pastorate and we moved to Springfield, MO.  Following graduation from Parkview High I attended Southwest Baptist University.  It was there I met my best friend and wife, Jo.

I didn’t realize it at the time but God used Dave Bennett, Baptist Student Union Director at Missouri State University, as a man of spiritual influence.  My limited understanding of God made Jesus “convenient” but Dave’s patient encouragement challenged and compelled me to read the Gospels.  In 1986, while serving on a church staff, I gave my life to Jesus and experienced His promised freedom.  My life has never been the same!

Jo and I have two grown, married children and two wonderful grandchildren.

My Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for Fellowship is that we would be a church of spiritual movement - defined by His grace, filled with His Spirit, & sent to share His love through our cities and the world.

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Will Worsham

Presiding Elder


About Will

Growing up in a Christian home, I have always attended church. I accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord when I was 5 years old.  Church was important as I grew up. In college I was challenged to live boldly as a Christian and choices to live as such abounded. Jesus became central to my worldview. My wife Shelby and I were married in 1995 and have 3 sons, Peter, Luke & Jack. Shelby and I have lead marriage workshops and regularly lead mission trips to East Asia.

My Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for Fellowship Bible Church of the Ozarks is that it is a place where people cannot be content with themselves as they are. I hope for a Church where people seek out the big dreams of God and go unless he stops them. We grow as we go.

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Finch Sprouse



About Finch

During junior high and high school I was really short (under 5 foot as a sophomore in high school) and that caused me to have a terrible self-image.  I was very insecure and would constantly worry about what other people thought of me.  I'd go to church off and on with my neighbor and his family, but was always too embarrassed to walk down the aisle to invite Christ in my life.  However, I often left with tears in my eyes knowing what I was rejecting.

When I was around 15, a couple of young men from a local country Baptist church decided to gather some kids in the rural area where I lived to form a church basketball team.  They would bus us to the games, practice and church each week.  God really used these men (Ricky & Marvin) to open my heart up more to the gospel.  But it wasn't until Christmas of my junior year in high school when I spent quite a bit of time talking to my grandma (who is a strong Christian saint) and after doing some more thinking, it seemed that the only way I could be satisfied with my life was through Jesus Christ.  So the week before that Christmas my grandma led me in making a decision to receive Christ as my personal savior.  That next Sunday I made a public profession of faith at that country Baptist church and was baptized the following Sunday.

However, it wasn't until my sophomore year in college when I began to really start walking with Christ.  And of all places, most of my growth took place in my fraternity house at Mizzou.  This is where I started to get involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and was discipled by one of my fraternity brothers.  God did an amazing revival in that house.  Over the course of those next 4 years, we saw over 50 guys in our house trust Christ and 7 went in to full-time ministry.

Prayer for Fellowship

I look forward to the day when we have hundreds of teenagers that are penetrating middle & high schools all over Springfield, Rogersville, Ozark, etc. with the gospel.  There will be future Tigers, Razorbacks, Bears & Panthers that are impacting their collegiate peers with the gospel. Locally & globally there will be thousands of lives that have been “rescued from the kingdom of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of His beloved Son.” Marriages will be saved. Children will be raised in a home full of grace and truth.  Neighborhoods, communities, cities, states & countries all around the world will all be changed by hearing about the person and work of Christ.

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Chris Hanner



About Chris

Born in a small town in Iowa, I came to a belief in Christ at the age of 13 with my Pastor Bud.  During my teenage years I did not live a life that would reflect that of a believer and even stopped attending church regularly.  In 1998 I moved from Iowa to Springfield for business reasons and found this little church off of Farm Road 205 named Fellowship Bible Church in 1999.  I couldn't believe that I could drink coffee in the sanctuary, which was actually a gym at the time.  I couldn't believe there were no pews.  I couldn't believe there was a band who rocked the worship.  I couldn't believe there could be so much grace without compromising God's Truth.  I had found my church home.  Although I felt as though I had strong faith, I rarely if ever read God's word for myself.  At FBC I got involved right away in a Life Group and now my wife and I lead one in our home every week.  These groups are where I learned to crave reading, studying, and sharing the love letter our Creator wrote for us in a group where families do life together.  I have volunteered in many ways over the years at FBC including our children's ministry, ushering and greeting.  I have been blessed to go to Nicaragua and be ministered to by the very ones I thought I was going to minister.

Now to the most important part of me, my family. I met my beautiful bride Lori in 2005, married her in 2006 and we have 2 amazing young boys, Ethan and Levi.  Lori is a loving mother who has accepted what I believe is one of the most challenging callings there is and that is of homemaker.  She is an amazing cook who loves to share her gifts by organizing Meal Trains for FBC goers who have just had a baby, had surgery or lost a loved one.  She makes a meal every Thursday night for our Life Group and creates a warm inviting environment that I would be ill-equipped to do without her.  Lori loves to serve FBC families at the welcome desk, in the children's ministry and is gifted at connecting with children.

Prayer for Fellowship

My Prayer for FBC is that we first and foremost be a church who humbly submits ourselves to our Creator in everything we do.  That we be a safe place where grace reigns and healing begins for real people being introduced to or reunited with their Savior.  A place where, when pain or hardship come our way, there is a church community who embraces, loves and encourages us through it. And that we be a church who equips one another to do the work of sharing the Good News through our testimony with those in our families, neighborhoods, the Ozarks and around the world.      

Kim Bradley



About Kim

I was born and raised in the Springfield area. I married my high school sweetheart, Cheri Smith, when I was 20 and she was 18. We have two children, Matt and Ashley, along with five grandchildren.

I began my career in the car business as a lot boy, but in 1977 I opened my own business selling cars on Glenstone in Springfield. This was a perfect fit of love for cars, motorcycles and building relationships with people. I love to hear people’s stories! Through the years, I’ve had the privilege of gaining friends from peers and customers alike.

In 1996, I traveled along with three of my best friends to Nicaragua on a mission trip that changed my life. After the first day there, I knew God was calling me into full time ministry. Two and a half years later, I sold my car business to serve as a volunteer in missions. In the spring of 1999, those same friends from the first trip and I founded Project Hope, of which I am serving as director today.

Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for FBC is that we become a missional church, taking the gospel message to our community and around the world. I would love to be known as a sending church that equips young men and women to change the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that this would not be an anomaly but a way of life for us.

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Pat Shivers



Bio Coming Soon! 
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Justin Stringer

Teaching & Discipleship Pastor


About Justin

I grew up in northern Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. I attended church for much of my childhood and cared nothing for Jesus. I spent my life before college pursuing the idols of academic success and social acceptance/popularity. I went to college at Washington University in St. Louis and dove into the party scene there. That summer, I came back home to Virginia. During the first couple of weeks that I was at home, my Grandad died, and his death sent me into a tail-spin. All at once, I could no longer avoid all of the bigger questions in life. All of the emptiness of my life in high school and college became obvious. My need for something more became deafening. On a couch in my parents’ living room, I became a Christian. The Good News of God’s grace blew my mind and captured my heart. The simple fact that at the center of my identity was no longer my performance but Jesus’ performance on my behalf changed everything for me. 

At the end of my college career, I spent two years in St. Louis launching new Cru movements and shepherding existing movements. I joined staff with Cru. I met my future wife at New Staff Orientation. We spent two and a half more years in St. Louis. In 2010, Cru invited us to become team leaders here in Southwest Missouri. We said, “yes,” and loved our time here.  I made a brief stop over in Colorado as a National Director of Global Missions with Cru. And, then, the Lord called us back home to Fellowship. 

My Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for Fellowship is that we would be a next steps church, that no matter where you are spiritually we would be a safe place to take a next step of Gospel growth.


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Clayton Havelka

Student Pastor // Family Ministry


About Clayton

I grew up in a single parent household of all guys. We attended a Lutheran church occasionally, but it wasn’t until I joined a local Baptist youth group that I heard the gospel clearly presented for the first time. I became a Christian at the age of 13 and was discipled by my youth pastor throughout my high school career. His investment in my life set a Biblical foundation for the importance of discipleship.

After high school I went to Benedictine college to play football. I then transferred to begin studying religion at Missouri State University. My faith was thoroughly challenged. I grew discouraged and was filled with doubts about the Bible. I remember saying to my friends, “If this is the God I worship, I want nothing to do with Him.” This was a pivotal moment in my life. By the grace of God and unwavering support of my close friends, I pursued a deeper understanding of Christ and authority of the Bible instead of walking away from my faith.

I got involved in Cru, a ministry on campus, and traveled to San Diego on short term mission. I met my wife, Katie, that summer. We were married in 2010 and I finished my degree in Religious Studies and Communications shortly after. Before working here at Fellowship, I worked with college students for several years.

My wife Katie and I are the proud parents of our son, Gideon and daughter, Noelle. Along with spending time with my family and the student ministry, I also enjoy athletics, fitness, and personal training.

My Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for Fellowship would be that students would meet Jesus, be discipled, and become effective Christians who are engaged in the culture for Jesus.

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TJ Storz

Worship Director // Creative Arts


About TJ

I grew up in Everett, Washington about a half hour north of Seattle. My two younger brothers and I were in church at a young age and were raised by my two loving and godly parents, John and Ginney. 

I thought I was saved growing up but there was never really a heart or life change. I continued going through the motions through my Junior High years. I learned guitar and developed a passion for music going into High School while also playing on stage at church early on. Right before my Senior year God saved me by changing my heart and giving me the passion for my unbelieving friends.

Later I attended Baptist Bible College where I received my BA in Church Ministry with a Worship Emphasis. God really molded me in my College years and I learned to love theology and the Doctrines of Grace. By the grace of God, I met my beautiful wife Sara in school and we have a little fur baby named Hazel (it's a cat). We have been married one year now as of May and are excited to serve at Fellowship!

My Prayer for Fellowship

I pray that, as a church, we will see the important role worship plays in a church setting. It unifies us, it teaches us truth and it prepares us to hear the message. I pray that the worship songs will help us recognize our dependence on a supreme Sovereign God who loves us. That the focus will not be on man but on our Savior Jesus and the Cross. 

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Carla Melton

Kidslife Director


About Carla

I have spent my entire life in Rogersville, Missouri and love this area. I grew up in church, with my family actively loving the Lord. For most of my life we attended a church in Springfield where I fell so deeply in love with the Lord and accepted Him as my Savior in second grade. As most people who are saved at such a young age will tell you, it is difficult to feel as though you have a story to tell. Life transformation does not seem as large when you come to salvation before any big life events happen. When I was in sixth grade, I began to question whether or not I was truly saved and whether or not God existed. Youth leaders led me through Exodus, unveiling a story of a group of people who kept falling away from God, even though He loved them so deeply and proved Himself to them time and time again. My life was looking much of the same way, so I came back to God with a thirst and hunger I’d never known before. Shortly after that God placed a call to ministry on my heart.

I did not know what type of ministry I would do in the future, but I had wanted to be a teacher since I was in preschool. I knew that somehow, I would be surrounded by children. Looking back now, I am amazed in how God has lead me here to Fellowship Bible Church. When it was announced that they would be looking for a Children’s Director, I knew it was time to take a step of faith and pursue the position.

I graduated from Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education in 2018. I am a literature fanatic and a writer. I’ve been working with children my whole life, spending four years at Logan-Rogersville’s Afterschool and summer program. These past few years have been a time for trial and growth, and Fellowship is a place that God uses to push me to grow and learn every day. I’m so excited to be here and see what God will do!

My Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for Fellowship is that we will raise up children who actively seek after and passionately love the Lord, who go to the Word for guidance, and who stay in church through every season of their lives.

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Sally Cook

Office Administration // Missions Liaison


About Sally

I grew up going to church every Sunday but the Bible nor a personal relationship with Jesus was ever talked about. I quit going to church in College because I saw no need. It wasn't until I had a family of my own that I began to go back to church. I met a dear friend who invited me to a Bible study and from there my eyes where opened to the truth and I finally understood why Jesus died on the cross for me. I heard about the Holy Spirit and Jesus became my Lord and Savior, filling that crazy, empty void I tried to fill with so many other things my whole life.

My first Bible verse I ever memorized was Psalm100. Verse 3 says "Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His." This pretty much sums up my life mission - I was made to know God and to make Him known to others - not just about Him. Also, that I belonged to Him - He had a wonderful purpose for my life. After coming to know the Lord late in life and wasting so many years on trivial things, I want to live my remaining days on this earth on purpose for Gods purposes.

I am blessed to have been involved with several para-church ministries over the years that helped me have a better understanding of "The Body-The Church Universal" and the importance of unity, standing firm on the essentials but showing much grace in the non-essentials. In 2011, when a position at FBC crossed my path, I knew this was Gods next step for me. I am currently serving as the Office Administrator and assistant to the Directional Lead Pastor.

I am married to my husband of 35 years, Tom. We have two sons, Ray and Tim, a daughter-in-law, Heather and two adorable grandsons, Xander and Mason.

My Prayer for Fellowship

To be a church where everyone feels welcomed, loved, connected and encouraged to take that next step on their faith journey. That I would be faithful to my calling to help facilitate an environment where Gods Word is taught in its entirety, so that we have a true understanding of who Jesus is and the depth of His love that radically changes the way we think and live. To lay a firm foundation for the next generation of leaders.

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Molly Hale

Communications Director // Co-Director of Discipleship


About Molly

I was born and raised in Branson, MO with two wonderful parents, one sister and one brother. Being the baby in the family by 7 years, much of my teen years were spent as an only child. I was raised in the Methodist church and though I never knew any different than Jesus being the Savior of the world, He didn't truly become that for me until 7th grade at a church camp. Throughout my high school years I went to different churches with friends for social events, camps, and youth events. Once in college, church and my walk with Christ became less of a priority and was pushed aside. Between friends, school, and work I left little time for The Lord. I graduated from Drury University in 2009 with a degree in Communications and Public Relations.

In 2008 Rick and I began coming to Fellowship, got involved with the youth in the spring of 2009 and in the fall of 2009 we were married. We have a 13 year old son, Carter and a 5 year old daughter, Anabel.  Our walk with The Lord both as individuals, a couple, and a family has grown in incredible ways since joining Fellowship, it truly is our home. I joined the staff of Fellowship in 2013 and currently serve in the Communication Director role, overseeing our internal and external communications through our web, video, print, design, social media, marketing, and Sunday messaging/announcements and LOVE it! Recently I have moved also into the role of Co-Director of Discipleship and am excited to see the Lord move through Fellowship! 

My Prayer for Fellowship

To be a church that gives movement to discipleship and helping others grow in their walk with the Lord. A place that teaches the true gospel of Christ regardless of what culture would say. I love my church and pray a blessing over it!

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Spencer Whaley

Graphic Design // Creative Arts


About Spencer

I grew up in O'Fallon, Missouri. My family went to church every Sunday. I was raised in a church that seemed to communicate more about being a “good” Christian than about following Jesus. As a result, I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was 7 and from then on I would spend my days trying to be good in God’s eyes. My life was about my efforts to be good because I believed that if I stopped doing enough good, that my salvation would be taken from me.

This continued when I came to college at Missouri State University. I quickly joined a campus ministry called Cru where I met my wife, Madeline, and got involved in a men’s small group. This was my first small group that I was a part of and the men in it quickly began to unravel my sin. I heard the gospel presented clearly for the first time. It was very similar to the gospel that I had grown up with, but this time, it was real. I heard for the first time that I am desperately sinful, and will be until I die. But God, in his infinite love and mercy, has made me righteous and reconciled our relationship. So it didn’t matter how “good” I was. All that mattered was Jesus’ death and resurrection. This changed my whole world. But I found myself frustrated. Why am I just now hearing this?

This began a 5 year-long battle with doubt and spiritual depression. I wrestled with God and his word. I questioned reality and my faith. I questioned the truth of scripture and of God’s promises. In that, I felt alone. Pastor Ted was the first person that received my doubts with open arms and grace. I began to put things to trial and create an unwavering foundation of my faith. And through it all, God brought me closer to himself because he revealed himself to me, slowly, over time.

Today, I still wrestle and fight doubts, but I know what I believe is true. And my understanding of doubts is that they ultimately draw me closer to Jesus. I’m thankful for that.

I finished school with a Bachelor of General Studies with my areas of emphasis in Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship, and Religious Studies. I plan to use my giftings in creative and visual arts to live on mission whether that be in ministry or elsewhere. Outside of that, I love movies (especially Lord of the Rings and Marvel), creative and visual arts, and eating good food with good company.

Madeline and I got married on May 4th, 2019 and we’re so grateful to serve at a church like Fellowship!

My Prayer for Fellowship

I pray that people would encounter the real Jesus here at Fellowship. I pray that they would engage with the hard questions, engage in discipleship, and ultimately grow in their understanding of grace and truth in their relationship with Jesus.


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Sydnie Watts

Worship Assistant


About Sydnie

I was born and raised in Rogersville, going to Logan-Rogersville through Kindergarten to graduation. I grew up in a family where going to church every week was required, being raised by a Pastor, there were no “I’m too tired” days, we were just expected to go. From a young age I knew who Jesus was, I “prayed the prayer” at about age five, started going to Fellowship when I was about six, and I was baptized at Fellowship when I was seven or eight. I thought that I had a relationship with the Lord, going to church and saying my very typical small child prayer before bed, but I always dealt with anxiety about my faith, frequently keeping my parents up late into the night, asking them questions and crying because I thought God would come back and leave me behind.

I had pushed many of those doubts to the back of my mind for many years once I got a little older, until the summer before my freshman year of high school. I knew from a young age that I loved music, and found a Christian summer camp that had an emphasis in Worship and Christian music, Camp Electric. At that camp, I heard many stories of God being faithful and loving us at our worst, and heard the story of the Prodigal Son for the first time. I realized that no matter how badly I thought I had ruined our relationship or how messy my life became, that the Lord loved me and pursued me endlessly, never “leaving me behind,” and wanted me to come home to Him.

Camp Electric also allowed for me to realize God’s calling for my life: worship. My freshman year I began leading worship for then “Engage Student Ministries” (now Gravity) and singing occasionally on Sunday mornings for worship. I learned so much from my time on that team, and joined the Worship Department as a Worship Intern my senior year, and continued that for two-and-a-half years. In the spring of 2018 I was asked to join staff officially as the Worship Administrative Assistant, balancing that with my schoolwork as a Religious Studies major with Communications and Music minors at Missouri State where I also help to lead worship for Cru and lead a Fellowship College Life Group.

My Prayer for Fellowship

My prayer for Fellowship is that we would worship authentically, with worship being theologically driven, Biblically truthful, being Gospel focused and not in vain, but would engage minds and hearts in the praise of the Lord. Worship is placing oneself at the feet of our King, and my prayer for Fellowship is that we would grow closer in our relationships with Him through our worship.

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Scott Harned

College and Young Adults Ministry


Bio Coming Soon!