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Fellowship Bible Church is a “releasing” ministry that encourages, equips and releases leaders for ministry. Facilities and promotion play a key role in providing a launching pad for ministry. With this in mind we present some guidelines and policies for facility use and/or for promotion needed for your event. For facility use: the event contact person is responsible for the use of your space during and after your event, including set up and resetting the room(s) to its original condition for the next scheduled event(s).

Use of the facilities will be restricted to the following:

- The date and timeframe specified below
- The part of the building as indicated in the “room requested” section
- The restrooms strictly adjacent to the room requested
- Clean up following event, including trash removal (dumpsters located on northwest side of building)


*This event form must be submitted and approved by the ministry department head under which the event is hosted.


*Timeline (pending approval)

1-2 months out - turn in event planning form to Ministry Lead

1 month out- graphic requirements submitted to Communication Dept

3 weeks out- begin promotion 

1 week out- finalize details with Ministry Lead & Facilities 

Event Planning Form
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