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    The Disciple-Maker’s Tool Box (Part 7)

    05.06.20 | by Larry Gates

    Seasoned disciple-makers know that the first few weeks of a new believer’s life is often filled with joy, enthusiasm, excitement, and energy over his or her new found life in Christ.  Eventually, this enthusiasm gives way to...

      The Disciple-Maker’s Tool Box (Part 6)

      05.04.20 | by Larry Gates

      An essential step in the beginning phase of spiritual growth for a disciple is a process of “re-wiring” the circuits of the mind.  As a new creation in Christ the disciple must go through a renovation of the way he or she thinks...

        The Disciple-Maker’s Tool Box (Part 5)

        04.30.20 | by Larry Gates

        Trained disciple-makers must lay a solid foundation of biblical understanding in the life of the person they are discipling.  The chief cornerstone of that foundation is the person of Jesus (Eph. 2:20).  Thousands of years before the...

          The Disciple-Maker’s Tool Box (Part 4)

          04.10.20 | by Larry Gates

          In Issue 38 of Disciple’s Maker’s Forum different ways of engaging with Scripture was discussed. One of the ways to engage Scripture is studying the Word of God for personal discovery.  All types of Bible studies require an...

            The Disciple-Maker’s Tool Box (Part 2)

            04.09.20 | by Larry Gates

            An essential tool in any skilled disciple-maker’s tool box is God’s holy Word – the Bible. The Bible is an indispensable tool in the hand of a disciple-maker just like a saw is indispensable to a skilled carpenter.  There...