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    7 Keys for Investing in the Next Generation

    12.01.19 | by Larry Gates

    We generally do one of two things with our money.  We spend it or we invest it.  Money we invest wisely multiplies and comes back to us. We do the same thing with our lives.  We spend them or we invest them.  A life that is...

      Are You a Wise Disciple-Maker?

      11.25.19 | by Larry Gates

      What kind of legacy will you leave behind?  From the beginning of time God’s original design was for humanity to reproduce its kind and fill the whole earth (Gen 1:28).  This multiplication principle was not merely to be evidenced...

        Being a disciple-maker is a team sport

        11.21.19 | by Larry Gates

        An effective disciple-maker recognizes that making disciples is a process that engages three persons. There is a role God plays in the process.  There is role the disciple-maker plays in the process.  And, there is a part the disciple...