Our Vision

Every generation in the home is transformed by Jesus. 

Our Mission

Equipping and releasing families to influence the next generation.

Family Ministry Core Values


The death, burial, and resurrection is the lens by which the family functions.


 Every family is rooted in the truth of Jesus.


Every family is rooted in the love of Jesus.


 Every family is rooted in the truth of Jesus.

Children & Students

From Birth to High School

Areas of Impact


Your marriage exists to serve as an example of the love of Christ for his church. We want to equip you to have a healthy, gospel-centered marriage based on the restorative, grace-filled, redeeming love of Christ.


We are focused on encouraging, equipping and supporting parents to be the primary disciple-makers in their homes. 

Blended & Blessed

Being a blended family comes with unique challenges. We want to equip you to face these challenges in a Biblical, gospel-centered way and support you as you go. 

Foster & Adoptive Families

Fostering and adoptive families bring hope to children around the world. We want to encourage you, equip you, support you and help meet your unique needs. 

Discipleship Resources