We are a Gospel-centered church.

What is the Gospel?


The good news of the gospel starts with bad news. God made us in His image, but, because of sin, we are hopelessly fallen.
  • Our sin is worse than we think. We have not only done bad things, we have done bad things that defame the glory of the most high God. We have not only done bad things, our good things are tarnished by sinful and selfish motives.


The good news of the gospel is all about what Jesus has done. In the fullness of time, God sent His Son on a rescue mission.
  • Jesus lived the life that we should have lived: perfect.
  • Jesus died the death that we deserved to die.
  • Jesus rose in triumph over the enemies that we were hopeless to defeat.


The good news of the gospel is the only way to be saved. Salvation happens when we turn from our sin (repentance) and turn to Jesus as the only sufficient Savior and Lord (faith).
  • At the moment of salvation...
    • you are regenerated. You are made new.
    • you are redeemed. Your slavery to sin has been broken.
    • you are adopted. You are a son or daughter of the King.
    • you are indwelled. God the Holy Spirit takes up residence in your heart, always and forever.

The Gospel is good news about what Jesus has done for you. 

  • The Gospel shapes our affections. We increasingly love our good and gracious Savior with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • The Gospel transforms how we view ourselves and others. God truly loves His children and God truly leads His children to love those around them.
  • The Gospel motivates us to action. In response to Jesus’ stunning sacrifice, we cannot help but sacrificially love and serve our needy world. 


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